Luke Bryan Tour

American country singer Luke Bryan has in his collection some of the best and the most loved songs in the country genre. We are going to talk about some of his most loved songs. He has four albums to his credit and each one is better than the other. Luke Bryan’s fascination for country music started early as he was brought up in Georgia. He was a big fan of country music and a big fan of Merlie Haggard and George Strait. Since his family was also supportive of his achievements and offered him to go to Nashville to pursue his biggest dream, he made it. Soon, he got recognized by publishing houses and then there was no looking back. His songs are mostly about love and it has a soothing effect on people. He also feels music is his escape and is extremely devoted to it.Luke Bryan Tour

Though he started singing at events and pubs, he managed to release his own album in 2007. Some of his popular songs were ‘Do I’,’ That’s my kind of night’, ‘Someone else calling you baby’, ‘Drunk on you’ and many others. ‘That’s my kind of night’ is a song about a night spend with a lover, opened to mixed reviews and was a part of the’ Crash my party’ album.

‘Someone else calling you baby’ was a part of ‘Doin my thing’ album in 2009. ‘Drunk on you’ was one of his most popular tracks. It was featured in ‘Tailgates and Tanlines’, which was released in 2012. Because of his talent and popularity, he has also won many awards. In 2010, he won the ‘new artist of the year’ award from the Country Music Association.

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The Background

The country artists are those who have performed in country music or country song at some point or the other in their career. But it should be noted that these artists may not be specialists or for that matter they might not be famous as only a country performer.

Requirement for being a country artist

As has already been mentioned, the country artists may not always rise to fame being solely dedicated for country music or country song but it must have been that they somewhere and sometime had indulged in such performance.
In that way, they may be somehow related to performing hillbilly, blue grass, ethnic music or song or Zydeco – the pillars of country music. This sort of music is generally played with stringed instruments like the banjo or the acoustic guitar or thy fiddle etc. It might be also the cowboys’ music of the western regions. Thus be it the white working community’s folk songs and music or the western cowboys’ – the extremely popular country variety of music is the parameter in which these country artists generally excel – at least during their rudimentary period of career.
It is by virtue of such attribute and striking qualities that these country artists shoot to fame by performing in the country radio or on other platforms of country music and song and this ensures that they even become celebrities in their future life.
There are a handful of names which are now stellar in the skies of the glossy Hollywood or in the other domains of the galaxy of entertainment and culture. Taylor Swift is one such glitterati – to take an example. She rose to fame by first performing in country performance. She was also once a notable name among the country artists.

They excel in……

The essential features of the country artists in whatever they perform in – generally exhibit the following:
They excel in performing in a musical variant which utilizes only very limited amount of chords. Thus these music types are free from any complicated units and this is the reason of its extreme popularity. This is in fact also an essential feature of country music.
Their performance area – the country music – generally has a lengthy story line – which makes it all the more intriguing.
They country song associated with the above has a memorable story which is convenient to be echoed and hummed. The normal listener would find such lines very easy for recollecting.
The notes produced from the instruments used in the above can be easily identified. These might be fiddles, harmonica, banjo or the guitar and the list continues. These instruments are generally played following the culture of the country or the region concerned – which is, as has already been mentioned – easily identified by the masses.
Thus is might suffice to comment as the tail piece that these above features of country song or music go a long way to make the performance of the concerned country artists a memorable one. This is the reason for the popularity in the appeal of the country artists by means of their performances – just like that of the country items like songs or music.


The phenomenon

Be it the advent of spring or the end of winter, or be it the homework time for the kids or the holiday stint of the children – the country performance platforms like the country radio are always ready with newer contents every time. The budding talents or the already proven profiles – all are right there – with new numbers and brand new variants – out to entertain the masses. It should e a forbidden word to use the masses here as a portion of the urban audience is also hooked to the country artists when they perform on these noted platforms. This has come as a boon for the latest generation country artists – thanks to the development in Technology. Let radio be considered. Gone are the days of tremendous popularity of the AM stations. It has paved way to a large extent to the FM stations and of late to digital radio, Web radio, Internet radio, direct to Home Radio. The FM stations provide stereo clear music to the years. The country radio stations have also shifted in many cases to FM. But the appeal of country artists has not decreased by even a notch. Rather, in certain cases, an upbeat in the demand for them have been noticed.

The reason

There are reasons for which the country artists rise to fame so quickly. Let the instances of the humble and rural folks be taken. Many of them have not ever been to schools. They often even need the assistance of teachers to instruct them about tying the shoe lace in a proper way. But they can co relate and identify with the content and way of speaking or humming by the country artists on any suitable media. There are of course occasions when some country artists deploy a fake kind of pronunciation. But overall the target audience and identify the content with the age old ballads and story lines they are accustomed to hearing.
The words in the lines of the country songs are so easy to remember that people can almost memorize it and in some cases they can even predict what the next line would be. This is the wonderful aspect of country song. This is the reason why the older generation is in love with country artists. They reminisce the golden days of old country artists and music.
The youth can also be at ease with the country artists’ creations. This is simply because of the proliferation of media and the overlap of various genre of entertainment. The lucid lyrics and the convenient to recall composition of the country artists’ performances are also quite on course with the younger generation. Nowadays, often it is fond that country music is having fusion in the contemporary and modern numbers and renditions.
Thus the country music and song have competed efficiently with time. They are competing well with generations also. They are still widely popular; they have certain elements within them which appease the natural folk and rural demand and at the same time satiate the urban hankering for something evergreen and original.
Thus the country artists will also survive and will thrive for excellence. This will happen again and again.


The great names

Taylor Swift is a prominent name in the contemporary entertainment world. She shot into prominence from being among the successful country artists. There are examples galore in the galaxy of entertainment and culture where stellar contemporary performers got their spring board as being country artists only at some point of time. Star De Azlan and Sharon Brown are two such examples among the rookie glitterati of the present world. Other noted names are Kristy Lee Cook, Bucky Covington, Meredith Edwards, Josh Gracin, Hunter Hayes, Jill King, Dustin Lynch, Rissi Palmer and the list and counting go on.

The media

The various media platforms bring out the best within the successful performers. Most notable among these has been the country radio. Since the reach of country variant of radio was huge and immense it, as a medium, was able to provide a solid ground for many successful, artists to be groomed well in their rudimentary years. The contents and the program were so articulately and meticulously designed that the talented country artists really received a shot in their arms once they were given the opportunity.
Initially shaky
There are examples galore that the truly successful and famed country artists, at least in the first stint, were often shaky and reluctant to go in for performing in any kind of renditions of country songs etc, But ultimately and mostly it was found that the really effective platforms like the country radio often gave an opportunity to the most reluctant of the artists and that proved to be a turning point in their career. Examples of such artists are — Miranda Lambert, Tom Jones, Tammy Wynette, Johny Cash, Andy Warhol and so many other examples may be cited.

There are reasons obviously for these stars to have met with such thumping success after starting out as country artists. There are certain merits of country music and song which make these pieces so successful among listeners especially those who like folk or regional ballad like music. These songs or music are all having very limited number of chords and are extremely easy to recollect. These are mostly based on tales and storylines which are quite long. One can easily recollect these and also hum or murmur the lines and the lyrics. The use of the least number of chords also renders simplicity within these items. This simplicity is something which the masses and common people can identify. They can also identify the instruments used with such music or song. These all go a long way to ultimately make the performance of the country artists themselves long lasting within the minds of the masse who are the majority in any region. Thus these artists ultimately and mostly shoot to prominence in no time.

Finally, it should be remembered that country song and music evolved from the white working community of southern and eastern America and also from the cowboys; songs of the western parts. Thus there is always a touch of the common man’s experiences and likings of daily life – in these creations. This gives a boost to the efforts of the country artists. They can utilize the existing platforms effectively and usefully.